Family Programming

Well Developed, Strong Family Programming

We believe the family programs at The Reprieve are unique. Over the course of 3 days we provide education from the scientific, as well as the spiritual understanding of the disease of addiction. What follows is an in-depth exploration of each of the 12-steps along with an explanation of why each is necessary to ensure the internal transformation required for recovery. This detailed look into the very process that their loved ones are going through at The Reprieve helps the families to better understand the need for long-term care and the opportunity for real change that it offers.

We conclude each program with a series of presentations about healthy boundaries, how to stop enabling, and managing expectations, followed by time for questions from the families. The programs are conducted in a casual, family style environment. This allows family members an opportunity to really come to know and trust the Program Specialists, with whom their loved ones spend the vast majority of their time at The Reprieve. The weekend is capped off by a cookout featuring food prepared by the residents and offered to their families in an expression of service.

Visitation Times

We do visitation differently. We believe that the disease of addiction impacts the whole family and part of healing is having time to spend together during the recovery process. Therefore residents are allowed to leave and spend time in the community.

Visitation is on Sunday only. We recommend that the resident be given at least one week to settle in before having visitors. Residents may only leave the property with immediate family members and all visitors must be on the visitors list and approved at least one week prior to the visitation.

“There were many opportunities where my family could come and learn about this disease and grow within themselves as well. I have been places where family was involved, but there was a drastic change in the relationships I have with my family when they were involved at A Reprieve.”