Our Approach

The Reprieve model encourages healthy community, fellowship, and internal change.

A Reprieve for Women strives to create a spiritually sound environment that is positive, creative, caring, and fun. We believe that recovery can only be accomplished through developing positive relationships. We also believe that the living environment must be attended to in order to inspire our residents and staff to grow together in our quest for spiritual health.

Our intent for each individual is to have them create a plan of action that can be developed, improved, and that focuses on three relational areas: spirituality, community, and self. We strive to help residents understand how they separated from self, from spirituality, and from their community. Then we help them develop their personal plan for healthy relations to self, spirituality, and others. This is accomplished through intensive personal work in the Twelve Step discipline, and therapeutic support.

A good candidate for care is a woman who is:

struggling with alcohol and drug addiction

suffers from co-occurring diagnosis

needing help to transition back to college or into a career

that struggles with relationships

that struggles with healthy body image

suffering from trauma

dealing with grief

that has difficulty with self and peer acceptance

that lack direction and goals in the areas of employment, responsibility, and accountability

that has not been successful in traditional treatment

A Story of Hope

“I know I am sober because at a time when I needed a message of hope a woman was placed in my life to deliver that message of hope. That woman’s energy, joy, and laughter was what drew me in. I wouldn’t have cared if she had 30 days or 30 years of sobriety, I wanted whatever it was that she had. I wanted to hear the message and story that she had to tell. When she sat down with me to share her experience she was sharing my experience. She felt what I had felt. She had done what I had done. I knew I was not alone and I knew I could have what she had. When I walk through the doors of A Reprieve for Women, I feel the same loving and caring spirit and I can tell these women are genuine in their passion for recovery.”