Zac Lott

Zac was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama. He was raised by his mom, granddad, and grandmother. Zac started experimenting with drugs and alcohol around the age of 13. After he graduated high school, he decided to move to Tuscaloosa and go to school at Shelton state and study business. While living in Tuscaloosa, he became heavily addicted to opiates and xanax. His life started to spiral out of control. He started failing all of his classes and eventually had no option but to move back home with his mother in Birmingham. He tried to control his addiction, but it just kept getting more out of control. In 2011, his mom checked him in to Bradford Warrior for 28 days, and as soon as he got out he started using again. Over the next 5 years, he was in and out of multiple rehabs. In 2016, he finally decided to pursue long term help and admitted to A Reprieve for Men. For the first time ever, he truly worked the steps and applied the principles to his entire life. Zac has found his niche in helping others apply those same principles to everyday life situations, in the life skills portion of A Reprieve for Men.