A new resident at A Reprieve for Women is immediately greeted by an alumni of the program who shares their experience, helps them settle into their room and introduces them to the other house members. Alumni help new residents get involved with the community and to understand the recovery process of A Reprieve for Women.

A Reprieve for Women is a six-month program founded in three distinct but interwoven phases. The first two phases are 9 weeks in length, the third is four weeks long and the last phase is two weeks in length. From beginning, to the program’s conclusion, the goal is to assist women with obtaining the skills and tools needed to live in recovery as productive members of a community where service to others is the focal point.

Admission Criteria

  1. Diagnosis of substance dependency and/or abuse
  2. Can have a co-morbid diagnosis
  3. Previously medically detoxed/must pass a drug screen on admission
  4. Has no unstable medical/psychiatric condition
  5. Has no pending violent criminal charges
  6. Is able to manage medical or psychiatric condition with self care
  7. Has no suicidal or homicidal ideation or plan
  8. No pain management issues which are not stable and is not prescribed addictive or potentially abusive medication
  9. Female and 19 years of age or older (18 acceptable with strict parameters)
  10. Does not require intensive extended care for unstable psychological issues
    Must be ambulatory

Court Dates and Probation – We will send documentation to attorneys, courts, and probation officers with written releases of information from the resident. The resident will need to provide correct contact information. If your loved one has a court date while they are in the program and are unable to get it rescheduled you will have to provide transportation to the court if it is outside of the Tuscaloosa area.

Concerning Money

The Reprieve utilizes True Link Visa Card ( for purchases. We do not use cash, as a card is more secure and easier to track. Once admitted we will email you the information you need to set up an account. We will order the card.

The card money is used for personal health items (hairspray, makeup, sanitary supplies, etc.) as well as spending money during weekend activities that are in excess of what we provide (extra food at events, shopping at events, etc.) is approved on a weekly basis by each client’s program specialist. The spending limit is $40 a week, with the exception of prescriptions or medical purchases.

Cards will have a spending limit of $40.00 weekly. Family can deposit spending money onto the cards at any time via a personalized link that only they have access to. Cards can be locked with the click of a button in the event that a client AMA’s, relapses, or another issue occurs. Types of purchases and times of purchases can also be controlled for safe use.

For billing questions please contact Jennifer Elebash, the Reprieve Business Manager, at: [email protected]